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Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye2 2010, Hello2 2011

Hello guys n Assalammualaikum..

Less than 24hours we will go for year 2011..and my age will automatically turn tu 24..omg!i'm getting old now..huhuhu..mmm wuteva..oww yeahhh~amacam dgn journey u guys for 2010?does it going well or not?ok2 wuteva it is, i hope 2010 will leave u guys with da sweet memories n also hope 2011 will be better..

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During this year, i was try do the best as i can, which is i have my own job, own money, be independent, matured (i think so), start to be a blogger, get lot of friends and knowledge, gain lot of experience and etc..there were something has happened to me in this year but i will take it as a lesson for me to continue my next journey..in order to complete da journey of my life TIPU la i said there's no challenging rite?i have experienced many challenges during this year but i can go through and solve it by myself alhamdulillah syukur..

I also have done lot of mistakes especially to my mum, my family, my boyfie n also my frens..uwarghhhh I'M SO SORRY for everythin i've done.. i feel so regrets about wut i;ve done especially to my mum..huhuhu..the conclusion is incidents, mistakes, regret and happy moment in 2010 should i never forget..owwwwhhh not to forget about my super duper cute boy(my sis son) just born in dis month refer to this entry..u r my sunshine Aydin..hehe

What is ur resolution for dis coming year?? Are u already think about what’s ur 2011 planning?mine?mmm i have a lot of planning but let me plan it well before i tell everyone ok..wut i will do is:

  • I  will try to follow this journey
  • I will never complain
  • I will never say NO, say yes yes yes je(gedik)..
  • I will never ask for more but if i'm not understand of course la hv to ask2 for more rite?haha..
  • I will always ready(ready for wut?married?oh of course i'm ready..kahkahkah)
  • I will give my love, care, loyalty, honesty to my mum, family n also my boo
Oh it is enough for me to list down what I WILL DO, n i will try to do what i will do bcoz what i will do is to complete my task of what i will do(sesi membelitkan lidah..aku yg pening terbelit2 nak paham dis word..huahahahaha) ok2 wuteva la.. so i'm sure u guys will also hv story mory about dis year journey n will plan to create new life for da next2 year rite..so tell me..i want to know..(opssss..ter bz body la plaks).. btw i wanna wish to u guys yang sweet2:

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"May ALLAH blessed all of us..aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~"


rainbowskittle said...

happy new year my dear funna :)

nub said...

slamat 2011!!!!

James Buns said...

do u love me?

I will never say NO, say yes yes yes je(gedik)..

HaNa HoNeY said...

hepi 2011!
tutp buku lame bukk bku bru plak

aleen aiden said...

hepi new year! ^_^

aliza said...

selamat melangkah ke tahun 2011 :)

Mohd Ballack said...

singgah sini n ucap selamat tahun baru 2011

♥ Funna ♥ said...

happy new year to everyone!!!

♥ Funna ♥ said...

JB: ops love love love ur blog..

Anonymous said...

owh patut la ajak kuar je yes yes yes je jawab nya... hahaha... jupe ko jap je lagi...

aku tag ko tuk GA... apesal? gedik2 je aku ni... huhu...

De'din said...

happy new year
hope all your dreams and wishes come true !

♥ Funna ♥ said...

nida: tau pun..aku sentiasa yes yes je lau d ajak kuar kan..hahaha..btw thnx for today..happy dpt jumpe u oll..thnx gak tuk GA tu..

hasrul hassan said...

Salam .. agak2 tahun 2011 ni lagi best ke dari tahun 2010 nanti?

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