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Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye2 2012 and hello 2013


Today is the end of 2012. Good bye 2012 and hello 2013..Just let the past,just be the past. Just focus on next episode..

So many thing happen on 2012 that i can't forget abt..so on 2013 i wish it cud be more lucky for me..new beginning, new hope, new drama n new mission..

What i wish i cud develop myself to be a better person as a wife for my hubby,a momma for Damia,a daughter for my beloved parents n also be a better muslimah..i also wish can get better job soon..

May Allah bless me n family and hope everything going smooth till the end..aminnnn..

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome to the world "Damia Arissa"


Alhamdulillah syukur ke hadrat ilahi dengan limpah kurnia-Nya aku telah selamat melahirkan seorg baby girl yg sangat comel on 21December2012,Friday at 3.30pm with 3x push at PPUM..fuhhhhh lega!

Nak berstory mory pasal delivery ni mmg xkan habis..but i want put in my log how i feel..

On 4.30am, at rumah mak kat nilai air ketuban pecah..then rush to PPUM..frm nilai to PPUM is abt 1hr ++..smpai hospital at 5.30am but masa tu blom ada cntraction lg..strt cntraction bila masuk labour room..pergggghhh rasa skt nya mmg TERBAIK!11hours menahan sakit..ya allah masa tu hanya Allah saja yg tau perasaan aku..rasa sgt xsabar nk meneran coz xthn nak menanggung skt cntraction tu..syukur alhamdulillah hnya 3x push aku selamat melahirkan baby yg sgt comel..masa tu hilang dh rasa segala sakit n bertukar menjadi happy yg teramat sgt lagi2 bila nurse bg peluk baby..ya allah sgt xpercaya aku dh menjadi momma dh masa tu..

This is my beautiful princess, Damia Arissa binti Madzhar Abduh..

Welcome to the world syg..thx for give me a chance to be ur momma..momma n papa will do our best to teach n take care of you..Please be a good daughter n make us proud with u ya syg! May Allah bless our family..aminnnnn

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My 1st Anniversary


Dear hubby,
A year ago on 9th December 2011 we officially became husband & wife. At tht time i was on 24 & u 22, even i'm older than u 2years but we're madly in love & u look more matured than me.

Now, on 9th December 2012 is our 1st anniversary..no word can't describe how i feel. I want u to know that I love u more than i ever dreamed.

You are my enemy, my partner, my lover, my bestfriend, my soulmate, a daddy-to-be and the most important is u r mine for the rest of my life.

I'm proud to be ur wife, u always support me, be a listener, be a coach. U would do anything for me and put up with me while i was pregnant for nine months(waiting for delivery). i'm enjoy the moment when we are together, talking with each other, arguing, laughing and joking together. I can't imagine how my life without you.

I felt shameful regarding my everyday irritating behavior with u but still u can be so nice and kind hearted person ever met..I also want to say thank you for making my dreams come true to be a wife and also a mummy-to-be.

I know this is just beginning and is far from the perfect one but honestly i believe it will getting better n better with each passing day especially when we hv a baby. I wish this coming "Funam Jr" will make our life more bright, happy and complete each other. Thank you for loving me the way that u do.

Thank you to Allah for all His grace-Alhamdulillah.
Happy first anniversary of our marriage sayang!

From ur love :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Farewell Digital team


Last Tuesday my team did pot luck for Seila&Sharini Farewell..it's actually not for them buy for the whole team.

Why i said like dat?this is bcoz most of us will b leaving the team soon including me..ramlah,wan n also syafiq will follow soon..why?haha..

The reason is we hate our new boss..his not like a boss his more like a monkey in the jungle..stupid!

Check up 37weeks ++


Tadi aku ade check up kat hospital PPUM memandangkan planning nk bersalin dkt sana..

Before tu,last week hari jumaat 30hb aku check up n doc suruh aku buat sugar test monitor selama 2hari..bermula puasa dari mlm, 2j aftr breakfast, 2j after lunch, n 2j aftr dinner..sbb aku ada gen diabetis..average gula mesti la within 3-6.4

Nak dijadikan cerita,aku punya result mnunjukkan reading yg xbrapa nak cun..average 5-7..doc xpuas ht n suruh aku monitor lg if not aku kene insulin..wth?tau x insulin tu sgt xelok..arggghhhh..ni msti sbb pemakanan aku masa hari tu..mana x nye mkn durian la,cake choc la,air honey lemon la..tu smua manis..

So,esok aku kene monitor lg sugar reading but kali ni doc nk aku buat 7x sehari dari b4 breakfast,2j aftr breakfast,b4 lunch,2j aftr lunch n smpai la ke dinner..fuhhh gila aku kene jaga mkn btol2 skng..no choc at all,no milo+susu manis,no durian2 n apa2 mknn yg manis..since dh nk bersalin ni..tkt juga aku kalau btol2 ngidap diabetis ni..minta dijauhkan..huhu

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