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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hubby admitted

on 28th August,hubby was admitted at Tropicana Medical Centre,Kota Damansara.He admitted bcoz of backpain and high fever..after further checking via MRI scan doc found tht his spine stray from the path and has poked his nerve. Dunno how to explain it but it's like slip disc la..and the doc has advise to do a minor surgery and the cost is RM14k++. Ya ampun mahal banget! but Alhamdulillah syukur tht my company insurans cover all the medical costs..fuhhhh lega ;)

30min after surgery done..he can smile d..hehe
He is my everything..get well soon sayang..

Then on 30th August is his birthday..23rd years old-muda lagi rite..hehe..so we had celebrate his birthday at hospital with my MIL..but i feel tht i'm not a good wife bcoz i'm not buy anything for him..after work i'm rushing to hospital..huhu "sedih" but thank god he understand my situation.. he said "is ok sayang ,as long as u be with me it's more than enough..one more thing our baby is the best present ever"..oh so touching!! Thanx hubby..i promise to buy a present for u after bonus..hehe

The foods n cupcake is provided by MIL..thx mama :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

24weeks of pregnancy


Today i would like to share my experience during pregnancy. This is my 1st pregnancy and Alhamdulillah during this pregnancy i did not experience any difficulties.

On 26th April,2012 - I got serious vomiting at the time and hubby had bring me to clinic. We not expect that I was pregnant at the time bcoz we are plan for pregnancy - just 4months of marriage. The doctor asked me to do urine test and I just followed the doctor requests bcoz at the time my body is extremely weak. A few minutes ago, doctor came to me n congrats me. She says i'm pregnant then suddenly hubby kiss n hug me. I was shocked and blur. Then hubby said, " sayang, u pregnant!" OMG i'm blur n still blur then when i realize on it I was so-so happy! it's a present from Allah..Alhamdulillah.. hey dude! I'M GONNA BE A MOM! :)

Doctor said i'm just 6weeks at this time with my weight 43kg

Now, i'm 24weeks of pregnancy equal to 6months and expected due date is end of December or early of January 2013. My weight now is 49kg - 6kg increased man! :) During this pregnancy I have not experienced any problems. I suffered from vomiting only a month n hv depend on vomiting killer pills. One day, my sis offer me to try pomegranate juice by Giffarine. Guess what? it's totally superb! I drink the juice 2times daily, morning before breakfast and night before sleep. I feel energetic when drink the juice n totally stop from taking any pills which is not good for my baby.  As u know, pomegranate is good for maternity and for baby skin n blood. Don't u believe?yes u have to believe it!hehe.. 

Now, in my 2nd trimester i keep constantly drink the juice, anmum milk and take obimin plus + calcium that has been given by the doctor. With this supplement can gv more energy for me n baby. :)

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