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Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's difficult to satisfy everyone


My mom has told me when our age on the risemore and more challenge and thing dat need to be thought..Now i realize wut she says is true..I can feel dat life is more complex..there r many challenge n obstacles dat I have to go through..age is a number of troubled when we speak on thinking matter and behaviour..

when i was a child, if i naughty or do mistakes people will say "ala, xpe..budak2 kan..biasa la nakal2 ni..baru nak kenal dunia .."

then when i growing up, " auwwwwww...sakit la mak.." huh in dis step if I make mistake, sure get rattan or pinch by my mom..haha..but dat's 1 of da ways to disciplining da child rite?mmmm...

when enter college, people will say take a good care of urself k..please keep the good name of da family..don't forget to study n bla bla bla..if we do wrong, people will only criticize n advice..no more pinch or rattan OK..haha

when we start work, if we do any mistakes people will says "mak ai ekau ni dh tua2 pon still xleh pikio lagi ke baik ko buruk ko eh mek oi..xmatured2 lagi la dak ni..n bla bla bla bla bla..." huh!

in da community, not just hv one type of human..it's billion ok!and they have different type of character, which are hv a simple, complex, sociable, unique, like jealousy, -ve thinker, sarcastic, helpful n etc manner..which character u have?i admit i hv -ve manner which everyone also have..i'm kind of people dat like to think something yg complex..bcoz when i'm doing something i like to look perfect but people doesn't understand wut i'm thinking about..

huh! can everyone will gv other people 100% satisfaction? like provide all their need completely..mmmm..i don't think so..nobody is perfect n sometimes people might doing mistakes..

It is difficult to satisfy every one, but I did try my best and I am sorry to have let anybody down..but i'm sure, how hard u show da best thing u hv done in front of other people, u should understand that not everyone will understand ur behaviour..ur mind, only u know who r u and it's not easy to satisfied all parties..it will have a heart felt, hatred..but in our community, tolerance is very important bcoz "setiap manusia itu berbeza sifat dan perwatakannya"..sometimes we also feel dissatisfied with other people n sometimes we make people dissatisfied but if each of us r more open and accountable, Insyallah we n others will be happy to live together..

**p/s: opsss sorry for da words yang tonggang langgang..it's gonna b a long time not written in BI..haha..test power seyh in order to motivate diri ini yg serik emosi..haha


farah said...

hidup ni kalau hanya nak menyenangkan hati semua orang, tak fun la jadinya.

Bazilah said...

betul2 hidup ni kalau semua nak perfect je boleh lah jadi robot, silekan silekann huhu

Raji berkata said...

hohoho nothing we do can give 100% satisfaction to everyone ;D
mesti dalam berpuluh2 org ad jer yg tak puas ati =D
err mcm xberkenaan ker

ak lgi suka time kcik2 dlu =.=
bebas melakukan kesalahan

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