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Sunday, October 24, 2010

intro ~_^

Hello there..

The title is like poyo je kan..haha..actually i don't hv any idea to update da entry..so let me introduce myself je la k..haha poyo gile la plak nk berintroduce2 diri..hmmm "ada aku kisah?" this is my blog ok..ngee...

My name is Nur Farhana binti Ismail people called me Funna or Pa'an.. I'mjust a simple and an ordinary girl who always talk n laugh louder..i’m also quite childish mayb bcoz i’m da youngest child..i don’t mind wut people think about me bcoz i’ll try to be who am I..U may not be like me bcoz this is me not u not everyone..i’ll do wuteva i want in my life..i hate people dat try fetter my life..

Here, I'm da owner of dis blog (Kisah tanpa suara)..so, i can write wuteva i want bcoz this blog is created by me..dis is da place for me to express my moods and share the story of my life, my feelings and also my activities..

Nothing in this world is PERFECT..Neither me nor you..so keep it as a simple thing before U judge someone..If U think dis blog is annoying please leave it without sucks comment ya..I respect u so, do respect me k! thanx for visit kisahtanpasuara.blogspot.com ~_^ luv ya!

p/s: sorry for my broken english..dis is da way how i can improve my english..so, please support n teach me in order to improve my language..zzzzzzzz


mas bobot said...

nice pic syg...

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