Kawan-kawan ku

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm back

Hello there..

Funna is coming back with da new blog, new environment owww yeahhh..
i think i can forget blogging world but the fact is i can't..
i don't know why but this tyme i wish this blog can b apart of my life..
i decided to forget my old blog ladyourpeace bcoz it's no longer useful for me n make my life be more terrible..but seriously i miss ladyourpeace..the pinkish layout yg cute for me, the follower yg dh byk n da memories..
 stop it n create new story n begin it with da sweet smile..yeah~

still searching da sweet+cute+style layout..where i can find it huh??it will take time to deco2 this blog..chayok2 funna..


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