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Monday, May 30, 2011

cepatnye masa berlalu

errrr cepat btolkan masa berlalu sekarang ni..next 2 weeks my niece's wed day..aku pulak yg nervous kan nok..mana x nya anak buah lak yang kawin dulu dari auntie nye..haishhhh..tergugat lak..so by next week aku dah strt bz for help her to prepare the things..ifah, once u married please make sure not to gelojoh2 for make a baby yea..i'm not ready to bcome granny..euwww sound like i'm old already..no no no way..even 1 day she give a birth i don't want  her kids called me tok cu or nek cu..just called me auntie cu..bcoz i'm still young n she's only 4years younger than me..so it not suit to called me word like nek or tok..am i right?hahaha..

btw, let me wish you congrats in advance my dear ifah. FYI, ifah is a baker. and my e-day cake is mede by her ok. hehe as i'm not a cake lover but i really2 like cheese cake made by her =)

nice rite.. u may find out by ur self by visit her blog http://ahotoven.blogspot.com/ yeahhh~ tata



hahah~kalau dah dia dpt baby,.ktowng pon nak pggil Funna granny la,.hahah

Gee said...


farah. pa'in. achik. ain .mOk . said...

hehe jadik nenek mude pon comey per funna..ops!! hihi

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