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Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm getting engaged?

Hey guys, u know what?i'm getting engaged!!!
Fuhhh fuhhh fuhhh...


Actually nextweek is the ceremony, 15th May 2011(sunday). haha but now I'm not sure how i feel rite..is it excited or nervous or blur..errrr

I've so many things play in my mind before..i want this thing to b like this and i want that thing to be like that and what so ever la..when thinking about budget..e-day not suppose make it look grand..but for those who have lt of money is ok but for me, we have to cut2 as we can for make our wedding ceremony look grand..am i right?

But now,the date is really closer, i don't know how to start and what should i do for next..i'm so blur..i want everything look just a simple n but nice and the most important is low cost..so, i think should have checklist in order to make it look organize n manage..am i right?

Things should be think and prepare:

1.  Theme 
   - Pink

2.  Outfit  
    - Normally, people will choose the soft color like soft pink, soft purple,white n etc but I choose shock pink kaftan as my outfit..(lain dari yang lain) haha - done~

3.  Mini Pelamin 
    - DIY yeah..I will do it by myself in order to cut cost..xmau bazir for services

4.  Photographer 
    - is anyone willing to b my photographer?haha is ok will paksa anak buah snap pict using my DSLR..kedekut kan?haha

5.  katering n canopy 
    - parent sponsor..fuhhhhhhh lega not from my poket.. done~

6.  Hantaran:
    - well prepare but dunno how to decorate..oh idea please..xmau hntar for upah..it's expensive lol..if wedding is ok la nak upah for deco2 kan.. hantaran still in listing..haha

ok dat's all for today.. will short list for hantaran in next entry..adios~


rohanazainal said...

maybe aku ta dapat datang.. aku ada team building kat Ulu Bernam 14,15 & 16 Mei nie.. InsyaAllah kau kawen haku datang..


sitihalisa said...

wahhh. na tng da.. congrats ^_^

♥ Funna ♥ said...

@sitihalisa: hehe tq wak

♥ Funna ♥ said...

@rohanazainal: ana ok..kwin jgn lupe dtg k..syg ko

Anonymous said...

aku tak dapat datang. aku ade kat sabah... sori gila...

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