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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Damia demam


2hari lepas Damia demam..cian dia muntah2, selsema n batuk..
Sedih momma tgk Damia..

Tp alhamdulillah keesokkannya demam damia dah elok..cuma selsema sikit..rupanya damia demam sebab nak pandai tiarap sendiri..bukan takat tiarap je..dia siap nk kedepan lagi..advance nya anak momma ni..im proud of u darling..esok damia genap 3bulan..yay!

Friday, February 22, 2013


So true!!

Happy 2monthsary Damia Arissa!


Yesterday was my princess 2nd month..i'm so happy mother bcoz i can see her daily progress..ouch she's now look so briliant..wutever Damia do i will take note into my diary..i love it..

She now can do as per below:
- when she hungry she will cry n say neh neh neh..
- when she poo poo she's look so uncomfortable n ask for the wash
- she enjoy talking(baby talk) with anyone..so kepoci
- she now trying to move her body itself
- bcome chubbier day by day n quite heavy..i tought her weight mayb 5kg++..omg!soon sure momma cant carry u sayang..huhu
- since she strt talking(baby talk)n can see clearly so i decide to introduce her abc n 123..she really enjoy it!hehe
- wut else?too many progress i can see but is ok xlarat to type..

Dear Damia,
Momma will try the best to understand u..before u were conceived i wanted u,before u were born i excited to see u, before u we here an hour i knew i would do anything for u..i love u so much..


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